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Poker Glossary

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A Baby - A small card.


Back Door Flush (or Straight) - When the last two cards make a player's hand, even though he or she played on the flop for some other reason.


Back Into A Hand - To draw into a hand different from the one you were originally trying to make.


Bad Beat - When a strong hand is beaten by a lucky hand; a longshot win.


Bankroll - The amount of money you have available to wager.


Behind - You're behind if you don't have the best hand before the last cards have been dealt.


Belly Buster - A draw to fill an inside straight; a gut shot.


Bet - To voluntarily put money or chips into the pot.


Bet For Value - Betting in order to raise the amount in the pot, not to make your opponents fold.


Bet Into - To bet before a stronger hand, or a player who bet strongly on the previous round.


Bet The Pot - To bet the total value of the pot. Betting Black Betting $100 amounts (black is a common color for $100 chips).


Betting Green - Betting $25 amounts (green is a common color for $25 chips).


Betting Red - Betting $5 amounts (red is a common color for $5 chips).


Betting White - Betting $1 amounts (white is a common color for $1 chips).


Betting Interval - The period during which each active player has the right to check, bet or raise; the round of betting. It ends when the last bet or raise has been called by all players still in the hand.


Bicycle - The lowest possible hand in lowball: Ace-2-3-4-5. Also called a wheel.


Big Bet Poker - Another term for pot-limit and no-limit poker.


Big Blind - The forced bet in second position before any cards are dealt. Usually this is a Live Blind, which means that the player in this position can raise if no one else has before the cards are dealt.


Big Slick - The Ace-King card combination.


Black Leg - Archaic term for crooked card-sharp.


Blank - A card that is of no value to a player's hand.


Blind - A forced bet that one or more players to the dealer's left must make before any cards are dealt to start the action on the first round of betting.


Blind Raise - When a player raises without first looking at his or her cards.


Blow Back - To lose back one's profits.


Bluff - To bet or raise with a hand that is unlikely to be the best hand.


Board - In flop games, the five cards that are turned face up in the center of the table; in Seven-Card Stud, the four cards that are dealt face up to each player.


Boat - Another name for full house.


Bottom Pair - When you use the lowest card on the flop to make a pair.


Bounty - A small amount of cash awarded to a player when he knocks out another player in some tournaments.


Brick - A blank.


Bring-In - The forced bet made on the first betting round by the player dealt the lowest card showing in Seven-Card Stud and the highest card showing in razz.


Bring It In - To start the betting on the first round.


Broadway - An ace high straight.


Brush - A cardroom employee responsible for managing the seating list.


Buck - In all flop games, a small disk used to indicate the dealer, or used to signify the player in the last position if a house dealer is used; a button.


Bug - A Joker that can be used to make straights and flushes and can be paired with Aces, but not with any other cards.


Bullet - An Ace.


Bullets - A pair of Aces.


Bump - To raise.


Buried Pair - In stud games, a pair in the hole.


Burn - To deal off the top card, face down, before dealing out the cards (to prevent cheating); or to set aside a card which has been inadvertently revealed.


Bust - A worthless hand that has failed to improve as the player hoped; a busted hand.


Bust a Player - To deprive a player of all his chips; in tournament play, to eliminate a player.


Bust Out - To be eliminated from a tournament by losing all your chips.
Busted Broke, tapped.


Busted Flush - A hand with only four of five cards in a flush. Button In all flop games, a small disk used to signify the player in the last position if a house dealer is used; a buck.


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