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Poker Glossary

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Sandbag - To check a strong hand with the intention of raising or re-raising.


Satellite - A small-stakes tournament whose winner obtains cheap entry into a bigger tournament.


Scare Card - An up card that looks as though it might have made a strong hand.


School - The players in a regular game.


Scoop - To win the entire pot.


Scooting - Passing chips to another player after winning a pot; horsing.


Seat Charge - In public cardrooms, an hourly fee for playing poker.


Seating List - In most cardrooms, if there is no seat available for you when you arrive, you can put your name on a list to be seated when a seat opens up.


Second Pair - In flop games, pairing the second highest card on board.


See To call.


Semi-Bluff - To bet with a hand which isn't the best hand, but which has a reasonable chance of improving.


Set - Three of a kind; trips (usually applies to a pair in hand and a matching card on board).


Set You In - To bet as much as your opponent has left in front of him.


Seventh Street - The final betting round on the last card in Seven-Card Stud.


Shill A cardroom employee, often an off-duty dealer, who plays with house money to make up a game.


Shootout - A tournament format in which a single player ends up with the entire prize money, or in which play continues at each table until only one player remains.


Short Odds - The odds for an event that has a good chance of occurring.


Short-Stacked - Having only a small number of chips left.


Show One, Show All - A rule that says if a player shows their cards to anyone at the table they can be asked to show everyone else.


Showdown - The point at the end of the final round of betting when all the remaining player's cards are turned up to see which player has won the pot.


Side Card - An unmatched card which may determine the winner between two otherwise equal hands.


Side Pot - A separate pot contested by other players when one player is all-in.


Sixth Street - In Seven-Card Stud, the fourth round of betting on the sixth card.


Skin - To fix the cards; cheat.


Slow Play - Disguising the value of a strong hand by underbetting, to trick an opponent.


Slowroll - To reveal one's hand slowly at showdown, one card at a time, to heighten the drama.


Small Blind - The smaller of the two compulsory bets in flop games, made by the player in the first postion to the dealer's left.


Smooth - The best possible low hand with a particular high card.


Smooth Call - To call rather than raise an opponent's bet.


Snap Off - To beat another player, often a bluffer, and usually without a powerful hand.


Speed - The level of aggressiveness with which you play. Fast play is more aggressive, slow play is more passive.


Splash Around - To play more loosely than you should.


Splash The Pot - To throw your chips into the pot, instead of placing them in front of you. This makes it difficult for the dealer to determine the amount you bet.


Split - A tie.


Spread - When a cardroom starts a table for a particular game, it is said to spread that game. If you want to know what games are played in a particular place, you can ask what they spread.


Spread Limit - Betting limits in which there is a fixed minimum and maximum bet for each betting round.


Squeeze - To look slowly at the extremities of your hole cards, without removing them from the table, to worry your opponents and heighten the drama.


Stack - The pile of chips in front of a player.


Stand Pat - To decline an opportunity to draw cards.


Stand-Off - A tie, in which the players divide the pot equally.


Stay - To remain in a hand with a call rather than a raise.


Steal - A bluff in late position, attempting to steal the pot from a table of apparently weak hands.


Steaming - Playing poorly and wildly, often because the player is emotionally upset.


Steel Wheel - In lowball, a straight flush, five high (Ace-2-3-4-5).


Straddle - To make a blind raise before the deal; big blind.


Straight - Five consecutive cards of mixed suits.


Straight Flush - Five consecutive cards of the same suit.


Streak - A run of good or bad cards.


String Bet - An illegal bet in which a player puts some chips in the pot, then reaches back to his stack for more, without having first verbally stated the full amount of his bet.


Structure - The limits set upon the ante, forced bets and subsequent bets and raises in any given game.


Stuck - Slang for losing, often a substantial amount of money.


Stud - Any form of poker in which the first card or cards are dealt down, or in the hole, followed by several open, or face up, cards.


Suck Out - To win a hand by hitting a very weak draw, often with poor pot odds.


Suited - Cards of the same suit.


Sweat - To watch a player from the rail.


Sweeten The Pot - Slang for raise.

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