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Poker Glossary

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Family Pot - A pot in which most of the players at the table are still involved at the end of the hand.


Favorite - A hand that has the best chance of winning. Fifth Street In flop games, the final round of betting and the fifth community card on the board; in stud games, the fifth card dealt to each player and the third betting round (on the third upcard).


Fill - To pull the card one is seeking; to hit.


Fill Up - To make a full house.


Fish - A poor player; an amateur who is losing a lot of money.


Fishhooks - Slang for Jacks.


Five-Card Draw - A draw poker game in which the players start with five cards and then may draw to replace them.


Five-Card Stud - A stud poker game in which each player gets one concealed card and four exposed cards.


Flat Call - To call a bet without raising. Flat Limit A betting limit in a poker game that does not escalate from one round to the next.


Flop - In flop games, the first three community cards, which are turned face up simultaneously and start the second round of betting.


Flop Games - A family of poker games played with five community cards. The first three cards, turned face up simultaneously, are called the flop. Popular flop games include Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha.


Flush - Five cards of the same suit.


Flush Draw - Having four cards of the same suit, and hoping to draw a fifth to make a flush.


Fold - To withdraw from the hand rather than bet or raise; to give up.


Forced Bet - A required bet to start the action on the first round of a poker hand.


Four-Flush - Four cards of the same suit, requiring a fifth to make a flush.


Four Of A Kind - Four cards of the same denomination.


Fourth Street - In flop games, the fourth card on board and the third round of betting, the turn; in Seven-Card Stud, the fourth card dealt to each player and the second round of betting (on the second upcard).


Free Card - A card that a player gets without having to call a bet.


Free Ride - To stay in a hand without being forced to bet.


Freeroll - A situation in which two players have the same hand, but one of the players has a chance to better his hand.


Freeze Out - A game or tournament in which all players start with the same amount and play until one player has won all the chips.


Full House - Any three cards of the same denomination, plus any pair of a different denomination. is your one stop internet gambling shop. Not a member yet? Sign up here!



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