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Join the hundreds of other players now and play in a variety of different tournaments: King of the Ring Qualifying


King Of The Ring

Do you have the guts to battle with the big boys, the skill to take on the superstars, the persistence to outplay the pros and the determination required to put in the hours?

If you do....Then YOU could WIN $50,000!

During 10 days, guts, skill, persistence and determination will decide who the king of the real money ring games really is. Each day points will be awarded to the top ring game achievers within those four categories. Collect the most points during the ten-day period to claim the massive first prize.

Promo Period: June 19-23

ACTIVE-- June 24-25 -- BREAK (these days do NOT count)

June 26-30 - ACTIVE - July 1 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Click Here For Details Throw Your Points Away


Poker room

Player Points Retribution is our way of awarding you for your past, present and future loyalty. So start throwing your points away and Bonus Dollars will be hurled right back at you all summer long!

You can turn player points into Bonus Dollars by buying the following packages with your player points. Please note: once you have bought the package, you will need to clear the required amount of player points before the Bonus Dollars are released to your account.

Packages - 10 Bonus Dollars Package - 100 Bonus Dollars Package
Cost - 500 Player Points - 5,000 Player Points Clearing Ratio
$10 will be 50 player points (5 points/dollar) - $100 will be 400 player points (4 points/dollar) Poker - USA vs Canada


Poker - USA vs Canada

Settle this neighbour dispute once and for all through some serious hand to hand combat. We've added $5,000 to the prize pool – all of it going to players from the winning nation. Read more about the US vs. Canada tournament >> - WPT Qualifiers


WPT Qualifiers

Win a spot in the edition of Team that will travel to Paris, France and compete at the World Poker Tour in July 2005!

Each spot is worth $18,000 and includes travel, hotel, tournament entry fee, special activities with the rest of Team

Furthermore, a spot in Team includes the chance to become a paid Poker Pro for a year – valued at $240,000! There are several tournaments leading in to the main $400+20 WPT Qualifier - check them out by following the link below! WPT Qualifiers >> - Free Rolls


Player Points Free Roll

If you don't want to spend your accumulated player points but still want to play tournaments - you can always look into our Player Points Freeroll.
Read more about's new Player Points Freeroll >> - Royal Money $$$


Player Points Free Roll

Win up to $5,000 on a single hand!
Hit a Royal Straight Flush on any Texas Hold’em real money ring game table and receive a special Royal Money bonus. The payout amounts to 100 times the big blind of the table limit played (maximum $5,000) when making the Royal Straight Flush.That is,
• Play on a $2/$4 limit table and the bonus pays $200 ($2x100).
• If you play on a $50/$100 or higher limit table you can win $5,000!
• All suits pay equally. The bonus is added automatically to your account.
Read more about's Royal $$$ >>


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