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Innovations are Lock to Attract Online Bettors
Don't bother fretting about the spread of sports gambling. It's already too late, thanks to the Internet. And online innovations meant to convert sports fans into bettors might get more creative…

…Now comes the challenge: Finding ways to create new online sports bettors and make online betting addictive.

How about letting bettors go online as they watch games on TV to bet on every play in games?

Antigua-based says it's the first online site to do that. Its new Live Play By Play wagers, being tested on football, let you bet whether plays will be a run, completed pass, incomplete pass or turnover. The odds will change before each play.

Ron Tarter, who heads the site, says it attracts "a whole new customer who has ignored sports betting because games took far too long to be decided."

He wants to extend play-by-play betting to college and pro basketball, baseball and "have it for any televised event with a following."
Just don't get carried away and bet your last TV remote or PC.

Excerpt from USA TODAY ONLINE - Posted 12/15/2004 10:26 PM


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