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By: Ciaran McDermott - Handicapper

Ordinarily I'd have little interest watching something called the New Orleans Bowl, pitting 7-4 North Texas State against 6-5 Southern Mississippi on a Tuesday night in the first of this season's 125 college bowl games.
I'm still drained and licking my wounds from the weekend. But when a friend told me about coming out with a way of betting live on every single play, I had to give it a shot.

Wow. Suddenly I became very interested in the Mean Green and Golden Eagles thanks to, an Antiguan Internet book that has been taking wagers since 1999. They have recently been anounced as one of our sponsors here at so getting the word out on this latest betting trend is a big big story.

After funding an account and downloading a free Java plug-in provided by the site, I was ready for action. Clicking into the live Play by Play Wagering menu brought me into a different realm.

Here was a Java Applet window taking up about half the screen listing lines, bet list, your account balance and messages. On the top right-hand corner was a little scoreboard providing all the second-to-second updated information about the game, including score, quarter, time, down, where the ball is and how many yards needed to make a first down.

Flipping the football game on our TV, which by the way is no easy accomplishment on a Tuesday night in a married household, I found Southern Mississippi leading 14-0 and preparing to kick off. Up flashed the choice of would North Texas begin over or under the 20 ½ yard line.

I chose ‘over' and watched North Texas' kick returner catch the ball at the goal line and hesitate, deciding to run it out or not. If he didn't the ball would be set at the 20 and I would lose the wager. He decided to return it and got to the 25. One bet made, one bet won. Simple enough.

Within about 90 seconds my bet had been graded and added to my account, which was visible on the upper left of the box. The bet list part of the screen, which was in the middle, registers your wager, odds, outcome and payout.

Each play brought different odds. For instance on a first-and-15 for Southern Mississippi at its own 48-yard line to start the second quarter, the various odds were plus $145 on a pass completion, plus $260 on an incompletion, minus $165 on a run and plus $1090 if a turnover would occur. You could also bet yes the Golden Eagles would pick up a first down on this drive at minus $200, or no they wouldn't get a first down at plus 145. Wagering limits on live betting are from $1 to $100.

As you might imagine, things happen quickly. Unless play on the field has been stopped, you only have a few seconds to make a wager. The simplest method is single-click betting, where you place a bet just by hitting the desired outcome choice. A novice at this, I missed several bets being too late.

It didn't take long, though, to get the hang of it. I wagered on a punt with the choice being over the 27 1/2-yard line, or under the 27 ½-yard line. I took the under. The returner was hit around the 20, but just before going down fumbled. The punting team recovered so the play was ruled no bet. The explanation for the ruling was explained in the message field part of the box.

Basically this was FUN FUN FUN. Reminded me of my college days playing QB 1 at the pub with the boys. This was something I could bet on. I felt more confident as well. I was watching my bet unfold right in front of my eyes. Now comes the challenge: Finding ways to create new online sports bettors and make online betting addictive. This is a start. says it's the first online site to do that. Its new Live Play By Play wagers, being tested on football, let you bet whether plays will be a run, completed pass, incomplete pass or turnover. The odds will change before each play.

Ron Tarter, who heads the site, says it attracts "a whole new customer who has ignored sports betting because games took far too long to be decided."

Count this guy in !!!! As always Good Luck with your Live Wagering.

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