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Gambling Affiliate Program For Sportsbook Webmasters

Welcome to Sportsbook and Casino affiliate webmasters programs section.

We’re giving you some useful info we think you’ll need to make truckloads of money online in the affiliate website industry by being a sportsbook webmaster, or casino affiliate.

If you own a web site you can use it to earn cash in the lucrative and rapidly growing online gaming industry. As a partner with Wageronfootball.com we allow you to share the winnings from members that you sign up.

Why partner with WagerOnFootball.com?
You make money with no investment. You will earn up to 50% of the revenues earned from the customers you turn onto our sponsors sportsbooks. There is absolutely no investment on your behalf. No software development cost, no gaming license fee, and no credit card merchant accounts to worry about.

There is no risk!
You are not liable or responsible for people who wager on our site. Also, you accept no liability whatsoever for any legal ramifications of Internet gambling.

Its easy!

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