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Welcome to the Poker Room - Sportsbook and Casino affiliate webmasters programs section.

We’re giving you some useful info we think you’ll need to make truckloads of money online in the affiliate website industry by joining a online poker room affiliate program, becoming a sportsbook webmaster, or casino affiliate.

If you own a web site you can use it to earn cash in the lucrative and rapidly growing online gaming industry. As a partner with WagerOnFootball.com we allow you to share the winnings from members that you sign up.

Why partner with WagerOnFootball.com?
You make money with no investment. You will earn up to 50% of the revenues earned from the customers you turn onto our sponsors sportsbooks. There is absolutely no investment on your behalf. No software development cost, no gaming license fee, and no credit card merchant accounts to worry about.

There is no risk!
You are not liable or responsible for people who wager on our site. Also, you accept no liability whatsoever for any legal ramifications of Internet gambling.

Its easy!

Sign Up Today At CommisionAccount.com

When you come and join the Commission Account family and be a part of its success! You can...

Make revenues from poker games come from sharing the income from rake and tournament fees that PokerRoom.com generates. The initial percentage is 30% but will increase as you move up the Partnership Level Program. Alternately, you can opt for a fixed amount (CPA) instead, collectable as soon as your recruited player fulfils a certain criteria. CPA deals start at $75 per player.

• See CPA and REVENUE SHARE for more information.

Revenue Share is a revenue model that splits the income from a real money player between you and PokerRoom.com. How much you earn is based on a percentage. Revenue Share payments are sent bi-weekly as long as they surpass $50. By advancing up the Partnership Level Program, the percentage you earn will increase! Initially you receive a 30% revenue share, but it can rise to as much as 40%!

A tracker is a bit of code that traces all people who click on your PokerRoom.com links back to you. After creating a tracker in the Tracker section of My Account name it and specify the web address where it will be used to promote PokerRoom.com. To implement a banner from the Banner Bank, simply choose a banner and assign a tracker to it. A HTML code will then be auto-generated for easy usage.

• Recruit new players and share revenue as a PokerRoom.com affiliate.
• Advance up the Partnership Level Program and increase your benefits!

Although designed for easy access, Commission Account is geared towards serious affiliates and webmasters determined to make something out of their affiliate business.

Affiliates will continuously find new ways to increase their revenue with Commission Account and be able to develop their relationship with Commission Account along an escalating scale.

Features include:
• Customizable Tracker System
• Partnership Level Program
• Lifetime Revenues!
• Poker and Casino Games
• Banner Bank
• CPA and Revenue Share
• Multi-tier Program
• Comparable Statistics



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