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Sportsbook and Casino Webmaster Affiliate Program

Do you have a website? Are your site visitors interested in online sportsbetting, horse racing, casino games, or playing poker? If you have a website and can drive traffic and players, Affiliate Programs are right for you. It's free to join, easy to get started, and you can be earning cash your very first month. There are no limits to the money that you can make. We’re giving you some useful info we think you’ll need to make truckloads of money online in the affiliate website industry by being a sportsbook webmaster, or casino affiliate.

How does it work?

The programs are free to join. Simply refer visitors to the online casino using banners, text links and other content that we provide, and earn commissions based on the players that you refer. We use a comprehensive cookie-based tracking system to ensure that you are credited for your referrals.

Why Players Choose Sportsbooks to gamble with?

Most offer aggressive bonuses, starting with a signup bonus to attract new players, and a re-load bonus to keep them depositing again and again.
Revolutionary Instant Check is the fastest method for your players to deposit and then withdraw their winnings directly to their bank account!
With same day payouts, your players never have to wait for withdrawals!
Fantastic customer service department operates around the clock to handle all player inquiries quickly.

What can I earn?

Most Have 2 different commission options to choose from:

* 25%-40% Net Revenues
* $100 per depositing player (minimum $20 deposit) on average

With the Net Revenues plan, you'll earn between 25% and 40% of net revenues from the Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino and Poker Room, depending on the total net revenues earned each calendar month. Commissions are earned on combined total of Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino and Poker wagering activity. The percentage breakdown is as follows:

The Online Gambling Industry's Billion Dollar Label

As we advance into the future with a new thirsty driven technological generation,
our scope of the online industry has widened.
A new age phenomenon that is rapidly snowballing into an all-online world,
has positioned itself in almost every home today.

The days of ranting and raving about Pc's and the whole movement of the Internet emerging,
has coiled down into a spinning comet that has paved the way for this new high- tech infinite industry.
The rumored uttering of numbers and dollar signs bulging out of people's eyes has popularized a strong demand to get involved.

A philosophical notion that the people of today feel the need to keep up with what's new and happening,
in order to maintain a successful and prosperous future, has hit hard.
The online industry has popularized itself by its billion-dollar label.
Our exposure to entertainment and technology is our stimulus that fuels our imagination
and the visual expectancy we demand.
A mass urgency to create an online entertainment industry was quick to pass,
marking it as a cornerstone for the gaming industry.

Because of the staggering growth of the gaming industry,
The American Gaming Association was on an advertising campaign
mission to educate the masses of this new virtual versatile entertaining playground.

The campaign set out to make a clearer understanding of the industry to the general public and decision-makers.
A result of this successful mission is apparent,
in that the online gaming industry is one of the highest-ranking businesses on the web today.
Statistics show that Internet gambling revenue has grown from $1.2 billion in 1999 to $3.1 billion in 2001,
and estimates show that by 2004 it will reach $6.3 billion.

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