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Welcome to the Pharmacy affiliate programs section.

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Earn More Money With Leading Edge Cash Affiliate Program
Commissions are a luscious 30% - 50% on all sales! That means average commissions are $40 - $70 per sale.


If you sign up today by Clicking To Sign Up you can have a $100 bonus. Why?

There is More Prize Money with Leading Edge Cash..

So You Can Have A $100 Signing Bonus!


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With so many affiliate programs out there competing for your traffic, Leading Edge felt it was time that their network did a little something extra. LEC already have a reputation for having one of the best affiliate support teams in the world, we've been in business longer then most of our competition combined, take and make affiliate requests for new creatives, offer a top of the line admin area for your account including real-time stats, and have the best branded products in the industry. Even with all of that, we felt that we should be able to do even more for our affiliates. As a result, effective immediately, all new affiliates will receive a $100 signing bonus when they reach their 5th sale with us, as long as it's done within 60 days of registration. Rather then wasting your time with other programs who offer nothing, or even worse, junk prizes that nobody wants, signup for an account with us, and start sharing in real rewards!

An Affiliate Program With A Monthly payment, on time, every time.

All webmasters are paid on the 10th of the month for the previous month's sales. For example, all commissions earned during the month of June would be paid out on July 10th. You will receive a check in the mail drawn on a USA bank paid from "LEADING EDGE MARKETING INC.".

If you would prefer payment by wire transfer or you would like your check FedEx'ed, please email us to get setup. Wires and FedEx checks for amounts above $1000 are free. If your payment is below $1000, it is subject to the following fees: Wire transfers - $30, FedEx check - $20. We do not send wires or FedEx checks for less than $500.

We have been operating our affiliate system since May 2001 and have never missed a payment to date.



You'll Profit Wildly From
Every sale across a network of sites
-- Our state-of-the-art tracking systems ensure you get full credit no matter what they buy or when!


Earn Full Cash Commissions
Even on fax and mail orders!
Your affiliate ID is permanently linked to these and all
your customers.


Attract Unlimited Numbers of Customers
With effective sexual enhancement products that sell to all kinds of men. Sell from all kinds of web sites, NOT just porn/adult sites.


Make Cash
With products that are here to stay. Unlike porn site memberships that customers typically drop after 3 months or less, sexual enhancement products have always been a hot-selling category, and always will be. Customers continue to use our products for years!


Grow Your Business Fast
With professional marketing materials and support from a full-time staff

NOTE: You'll be delighted to know that 80% of the orders we receive are for multiple bottles -- so your commissions add up very fast! And because your customers are YOURS, you will also receive credit for any repeat sales from our web site, even if they don't come through your site first on repeat orders!


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