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A Soccer single or Soccer straight bet is a wager on the outcome of a single event or game. The Soccer Lines wager is determined by a Pointspread, a Moneyline, a Game Total, a Runline or Puckline. The team or event wagered on must win the game or event either outright or by covering the spread. The payout is determined by the Soccer Lines posted.


Payouts for a single Soccer bet depend on the Soccer Lines given by the house for the bet you have placed. Whether the Soccer bet is a moneyline, pointspread, runline or puckline, it's the LIVE Soccer Lines that will dictate your payout.

Simply translate the live Soccer Lines (represented usually as a moneyline -110, -180, +140 etc.) to the multiplier (the Payoff Price plus one). Then, take the multiplier and multiply this by your bet to find out your Payout or Win (Payoff Price plus your original bet).


1. Wagers must be on the outcome of a single event or race.

2. All single Soccer bets must lay 11 to win 10 unless otherwise noted at the time of the wager.

3. The Soccer pointspread or Soccer moneyline may fluctuate at anytime as they move with the bet, but you get the number at the time the bet is laid.

4. Soccer Races that end in a tie for the Moneylines with the exact total or including in the "line" in the pointspread will be deemed as "No Action" and are referred to as a "push." Your eCash will be returned to your Bodog Sportsbook, Casino and Poker account., Our live sports odds partner are a Soccer lines, Soccer sports betting, Soccer sportsbook and multi-sport parlay entertainment company with great Soccer betting odds, Soccer lines, fantastic customer service and fast payouts. Click the link to go to and Soccer Bet online in their Soccer sportsbooks today Click any of the Soccer Odds or Soccer Lines to put their live Soccer Odds and Soccer Lines to the test today.


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