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Poker Glossary

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Late Position - A position on a round of betting in which you act after most of the other players have acted.


Lay Down - To reveal one's hand in a showdown.


Lay Down Your Hand - To fold.


Lay The Odds - To wager more money on a proposition than you hope to win.


Lead - To be the first to enter the pot after the blind.


Leak - To lose back part or all of one's winnings through other gambling habits.


Legitimate Hand - A strong hand that is not a bluff.


Limit Poker - A game with fixed minimum and maximum betting intervals.


Limp In - To enter the round by calling a bet rather than raising.


Limper - A player who enters the pot for the minimum bet.


Live Blind - When the player is allowed to raise even if no one else raises first; straddle.


Live Card - In stud games, a card that has not yet been seen in an opponent's hand and is presumed likely to be still in play.


Live Hand - A hand that is still eligible to win the pot.


Live One - An inexperienced, bad or loose player who apparently has plenty of money to lose; a rich sucker.


Lock A hand that cannot lose; a cinch hand.


Long Odds - The odds for an event that has a relatively small chance of occurring.


Look - To call the final bet (before the showdown).


Loose Playing more hands than the norm.


Loose Game - A game with a lot of players in most pots.


Lowball - A form of poker in which the lowest hand wins.
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