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Poker Glossary

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Cage - The cashier, where you exchange cash for chips and vice versa.

Call - To match, rather than raise, the previous bet.


Call Cold - To call a bet and raise at once.


Calling Station - A player who invariably calls, and is therefore hard to bluff out.


Cap - In limit games, the limit on the number of raises in a round of betting.


Card Room - The room or area in a casino where poker is played.


Case Card - The last card of a denomination or suit, when the rest have already been seen.


Case - Chips A player's last chips.


Cash In - To leave the game and convert one's chips to cash, either with the dealer or at the cage.


Cash Out - To leave a game and cash in one's chips at the cage.


Caught Speeding - Slang for caught bluffing.


Chase - To stay in against an apparently stronger hand, usually in the hope of filling a straight or flush.


Check - To abstain from betting, reserving the right to call or raise if another player bets. Also another name for a chip.


Check-Raise - To check and raise in a betting round.


Check In The Dark - To check before looking at the card or cards just dealt.


Cheese - A very substandard starting hand.


Chip Race - As the limits increase in tournaments, lower denomination chips are taken out of circulation. Rather than rounding odd chips up or down for each player, the players are dealt a card for each odd chip. The player with the highest card is given all the odd chips, which are then colored up.


Chop - To return the blinds to the players who posted them and move on to the next hand, if nobody calls the blind.


Cinch Hand - An unbeatable hand; nuts.


Closed Hand - A hand in which all cards are concealed from the opponents.


Closed - Poker Games in which all of the cards are dealt face down.


Coffee Housing - An attempt to mislead opponents about one's hand by means of devious speech or behavior.


Cold - If a player says his cards have "gone cold," he's having a bad streak.


Cold Call - To call a raise without having already put the initial bet into the pot.


Cold Deck - A fixed deck.


Color Up - To exchange one's chips for chips of higher value, usually to reduce the number of chips one has on the table.


Come - Playing a worthless hand in the hope of improving it is called "playing on the come."


Come Hand - A hand that has not yet been made, requiring one or more cards from the draw to complete it.


Come Over The Top - To raise or reraise an opponent's bet.


Commit Fully - To put in as many chips as necessary to play your hand to the river, even if they're your case chips.


Community Cards - In flop games and similar games, the cards dealt face up in the center of the table that are shared by all active players.


Connectors - Consecutive cards which might make a straight.


Counterfeit - In Omaha Hi/Lo, when the board pairs your key low card, demoting the value of your hand.


Cowboy - Slang for a King.


Crack - To beat a powerful hand.


Crying Call - A call with a hand you think has a small chance of winning.


Cut It Up - To split the pot after a tie.


Cut The Pot - To take a percentage of each pot for the casino running the game. is your one stop internet gambling shop. Not a member yet? Sign up here!


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