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VIPPoker Online Poker Room Review

Welcome to the Poker Room Review. This is your starting point to learning about the Tips, Tricks & best online poker room reviews on the WWW. From rules to basic strategy and terminology this is your section to gather the information needed to start playing winning poker at the best pokersites. So bookmark this page today and check back often. As we play more sites, we'll review more of the best pokersites here for you. You can also check out our review of Sportsbook.


#5 Online Poker Room - Poker -

VIPpoker may be a new brand, formed in 2004 - but the companies behind this brand have significant heritage in the online gaming industry.

The site is a part of the United Poker Network, which includes original pioneers of online poker, one of the best pokersites in the world, as well as being associated with leading internet sportsbooks and

The concept behind VIPpoker is simple - they want their pokersites to always be providing the discerning player looking for fast paced action at the tables with a safe and reliable environment for his games. With plenty of people always at the tables, finding the right game for you should be a breeze - whether you're looking at high or low stake games, we aim to provide games for players of all sizes.

VIPpoker is operated by VIP Management Services in collaboration with United Poker Network. - Click here to start downloading the poker software. You'll get the choice of playing Texas Hold'em , Omaha, Draw, Seven Card Stud and more in one of the many Multi-Player Poker Rooms.

Works with your existing Casino/Sportsbook account - No need to sign up again, your existing account gives you complete access to the Poker Room. Poker Room VIP poker

Poker Website Grade
Tour VIP Poker Software A- Tournaments
Tournaments A-
PokerRoom Download
Promotions - INDEPTH
Customer Support B+
VIP Poker Facts
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Poker Promotions


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Security is an issue that comes up most every time people discuss commercial transactions on the Internet. This is a serious topic for which VIPsports has taken a serious approach. They have taken into consideration a wide variety of potential areas of concern and implemented the newest and most effective technologies to combat those who would slow the growth of the world's fastest growing medium of media and commerce. We are confident that, through the use multiple levels of encryption and account verification, the Members of our service will experience seamless, safe Internet communication with our wagering software.

VIPsports has adopted the following security creed as the basis for system development and account activity management: " Never underestimate the time, expense and effort a hacker will expend to break our code and infiltrate our system." Although VIPsports is confident in the security built into the design of their system, VIPsports will continue as an ongoing activity to evaluate system security as Internet security technologies and, unfortunately, code-breaking or hacking techniques continue to develop.

VIPsports is aware that security attacks on our Web site are inevitable, and will use the following cryptographic technologies as a means to prevent any breakthroughs:

Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) Encryption
Private and public keys
Certificate authorities

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 VIP Poker

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