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Paradise Blackjack Review

Paradise Poker

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Paradise BlackJack Now Being Offered at

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Paradise Blackjack

Paradise Blackjack Welcome to Paradise Blackjack! Paradise is very pleased to announce that the thrill of blackjack is now available in Paradise. Now if you feel like playing a few hands of blackjack while you're playing poker, or in between your poker sessions, you can just sit down at a Paradise blackjack table!

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Here is a quick rundown of the basics for you before you hit the tables.

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The Basics - Each player is playing against the dealer. The aim of blackjack is to have a higher hand then the dealer without going over 21. Each card has a value which are added together to make the total of the hand.

Card values: Face cards (King, Queen and Jack) are worth 10 and Aces are worth 1 or 11. There is no rule as to when an Ace is 1 or 11 and you do not need to state which it is, it's whatever works best for your hand. All other cards (2 - 10) are worth the same amount as their number.

A hand with an Ace in it has a 'soft total' if the Ace can have the value of 1 or 11 without going over 21. The player can draw another card and use the smaller value for the Ace to avoid busting. If you have to use one value or the other, it is called a 'hard total'.

The game is played with eight decks of cards, shuffled after every hand.
Paradise currently offers single hand, single player blackjack only. It is strictly you vs. the dealer with no other players at the table, and you can only play one hand per game.

Playing Blackjack

Once bets are down, the player including the dealer is dealt two cards.
The dealer will expose one of his cards over and the other stays face down until the end of the game. The play starts with the player telling the dealer how they want to play their hand during their turn. After all the players have finished their hands the dealer will finish his and then pay out or collect on bets.

If you are dealt 21 in your first two cards (Ace & 10), you have a blackjack. Having a blackjack means you win 1.5 the amount of your bet. If the dealer and player both have blackjack then the hand is a tie.

If your hand totals over 21 you bust and the dealer takes the pot despite his cards. Paradise is Blackjack - Click Here To Play Today >>  

Optimized Basic Strategy for Playing Blackjack

The chart on the right explains the statistical instances where you should theoretically hit, stand, double or split your hand depending on your hand total and the dealer's visible card value. It is a useful strategy tool and should be consulted when playing blackjack online. This is especially helpful for players new to the game. Please refer to the following for specifics in blackjack strategies:


To surrender, is to fold a hand at half the cost of the original bet.
Hands may only be surrendered at the start of game play before taking any other action like hitting, splitting or doubling.
Only surrender a hand if it has 25% or less chance of winning.

Hitting or Standing

Hit is to request another card be dealt and increase the total value of the hand.
Stand is to keep the current hand and end the turn.
For best results, consult the blackjack strategy table to the right.

Splitting Pairs

You have the option to split your hand when you have two of a kind (including any two cards valued at 10) dealt as the first two cards in play, suits do not matter.
Splitting means the pair is split into two separate hands and is often a good strategy unless the cards are both valued at 10. Please see the blackjack strategy table to the right for best cases. Splitting doubles the bet, because both new hands must have the same value as the original bet. A player can split additional pairs resulting from the original split up to a maximum 3 splits in one game.
After splitting two Aces, only one card is drawn for each hand. If a card valued at 10 is drawn, this is not blackjack but the hand will still value 21. It is always a good strategy to split Aces.

Paradise Poker is a publicly traded company, #1 for security & integrity.

Doubling Down

Doubling must be done to a two card hand before a third card is drawn.
This is similar to a hit, but the bet can be doubled and only one more card is added to the hand. No cards can be drawn after the third card if a player chooses to double down. A player can double down the amount of their original bet.
Players can double on a hand resulting from a split. For best results, consult the blackjack strategy table above.


The dealer will offer an insurance bet to the players if his up-card is an Ace, just in case the second card has a value of 10. This is a side bet and does not affect the original amount. Insurance bets are half of the original bet and are paid at 2 to 1 odds. If the player has bought insurance and the dealer has blackjack, they will break even.

We welcome all of of your players to view their shuffling review which is performed by a reliable independent third party.

In addition, Paradise will also post on the web site independant third party monthly payout reviews starting in April 2005 after the first month of actual game play. are increasing the guarantees on their daily guaranteed poker tournaments! Starting February 1st the $10k will increase to $20k and the $35k will increase to $50k! Higher guarantees mean more money will be won!

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