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Seven Card Stud Rules

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Seven Card Stud - The Rules

Rules of the Deal:

How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker - The Rules:
As the game begins, the dealer deals clockwise starting on their immediate left. They deal one card to each of the players until each player has two pocket cards, which are face down, and a single card, also known as the "door" card, face up. The dealer then indicates which player will open the betting, determined by the lowest door card. If there's a tie for the low door card, the card suit resolves it: spades outrank hearts, followed by diamonds, and finally clubs as the lowest suit.

Once the initial cards have been dealt, the game begins. At this point there are three cards on the table per player, which is called "Third Street".

The player holding the lowest door card must "bring it in" by opening with a bet equal to twice the ante. If the low door player doesn't make this bet, they're forced to Fold and the opener passes to the player on their left.

The next player clockwise from the opener can Call by matching the opener, Raise by betting the low betting limit or Fold. Throughout third street all Bets and Raises are fixed at the low betting limit.

For “Fourth Street” the dealer gives each player another open, or up-facing, card. The opener in the fourth and remaining streets is the high hand, as determined by the open cards. They may Check (Pass) or Bet. It they Bet it's at the low limit, and which fixes all raises in this round to the same. If the high hand is an open pair, the opener can Bet at the upper limit, and this fixes all Raises in the round to the same.

For “Fifth and Sixth Street” cards are dealt up again, and the high hand opens. All Bets and Raises are at the upper limit.

As the game goes into “Seventh Street” the last card, called the "river", is another pocket card (a face down card). All bets and raises are once again at the high limit.

After “Seventh Street” the Bets and Raises are resolved, and the remaining players enter the Showdown. The opener reveals his pocket cards. If a player wishes to compete with this hand they too reveal their pocket cards, or they can Fold.

The dealer then calls the winner, as determined by the best 5-card hand under normal Poker rules.

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