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Do you have a VIRTUAL TELL?

A VIRTUAL TELL is just like any other tell. A subconscious action that you perform in a given situation that gives other players at the table clues to what you're holding. Do you constantly use the automatic raise feature with a strong hand or always take longer to call with a weaker hand? If so, you may be giving your hand away to a sharp player looking to exploit your weakness.

The ways you can give your hand away online are as numerous as tells in a live poker room. It could be something as obvious as overusing the automatic features. Or a more subtle tell such as being overly anxious to bet a strong hand. Constantly quick to click the bet key when you have a good hand? If so, you may be costing yourself money. Players will pick up on your betting rhythms and learn to fold when you come out quickly firing bets or raises.

The key to successfully avoiding a VIRTUAL TELL is to keep a constant broken rhythm to your play. Be aware that you should sometimes wait to call, utilize all the time given to you by the game. Other times, call quickly, but be sure to mix it up in order to ensure no one gets a read on your hand by your betting pattern.

Remember poker is a constant game of cat and mouse. Playing online is no different. In order to be successful you'll need to keep your opponents guessing and try your best not to fall into a rhythm with your play. Be aware of the VIRTUAL TELLS outlined on this page as well as any other patterns you think you may fall into. Don't just try to avoid these traps for yourself, actively look for others who may have a betting pattern.

If you can spot someone else's VIRTUAL TELL you will have a valuable advantage and will tremendously increase your overall profits.

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