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We do know of one way that the online world is identical to the vegas casino poker room : the way they make money, namely through the rake. The rake is a small percentage of every pot that the poker sites take (usually 5%, but sometimes as high as 10%). They typically cap the rake at $3.

The rake is a good moneymaking mechanism for the house, because losers don’t care where their money goes, and a winner doesn’t mind scooping a $97 pot rather than one worth $100. But the erosion is real and unavoidable.

For tournaments, sites charge a registration fee, usually 10% of the tournament buy-in, that goes directly to the site. A $10 single-table tournament costs you $11.

A few sites have a no-flop, no-drop policy. If the site’s Hold ‘Em or Omaha players never see a flop, it doesn’t take a rake. Other sites don’t rake any pot less that one dollar, which is nice for the micro-limit games. To find out about a site’s rake rules, look at the help or about section of the Web site. You don’t have a way to reduce the rakes directly, but by taking advantage of sign-up bonuses, you can certainly help reduce their string.

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