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Online Poker Money Cashing Out

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Steps to take your online poker funds back to your bank account:

Like you may expect, cashing out of your online poker room is a tiny bit harder than cashing in. Different sites have different rules – all plainly discussed in the withdrawal section of your poker room’s cashier – but there are a few universal snags to lookout for:

• Withdrawals often have to take place at least 48 hours after your last deposit.
• If you want your online poker room to cut you a check, expect a $50 minimum withdrawal and a 15-day wait.

• Online poker rooms tend to prefer paying back via online holding companies. You may have to endure a delay of a day or two during this transfer. Online holding companies, in turn, may delay you a day or two as well before they process the funds and send them back to you.

• Read details of any bonus you want to receive. Typically you can’t withdraw a chunk of cash and then immediately re-deposit it to score a bonus.

In short, if you need money out of your poker account, anticipate a delay.

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