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Managing Online Poker $$$

Your The Customer:

Above all, any time you’re playing on a poker site for hard currency, never forget that you’re a customer. If you don’t like something about a particular poker site – be it the site’s management, the response you get from the support staff, downtime on the poker site, or the way the poker interface works – feel free to move along to a site more deserving of your hard-earned cash.

When you play for hard currency, the site reduces every pot you win with a rake that it keeps for profit. Even though it may seem like a token amount (because you receive the lion’s share of those pots), you do pay to play, and in the long run, you pay dearly (assuming you wing a lot of pots…if not, you pay your opponents dearly). If you feel that you don’t get your money’s worth, quickly go & find another site.

And don’t forget to extract your money when you leave a site for good. You don’t have to feel good about the money you give to your poker host, but you should never feel like you’re giving money to a lame organization, especially when you have a myriad of choices available to you. Make sure you’re comfortable giving money to a respectable service that allows you to make money.

Our 10 Tips To Live By In An Online Poker Room - Poker Conduct

Swearing - Pretend that your Grandmother is at the table, and she's a very, very nice person.

Dealer or Player Abuse - It's not nice to be mean to people anywhere.

Playing Slowly - It's not fun for the other players when they have to wait forever for you to make a decision. Some people use this as a tactic to make other players nervous, but they're just drawing out the game.

Splashing the Pot - Throwing your chips into the current pot is rude because it makes it hard for people to see what your bet is. Stack neatly and make your Mom proud.

Acting in turn - Refrain from a betting action like folding your hand, until the action comes to you. This gives information to people before their turn to act.

String bets - This is another poor etiquette tactic to create a response in the opponent. Only grab the amount of chips that you intend on betting, so not to freak out the other players by making them think you're betting more than you actually are. Place them in one action, don't string out the bet.

Hitting on the Other Players - Regardless of whether or not you've never seen a poker player that hot before, you should refrain from hitting on the other players at the table. I suppose this could be used to freak out some of the more advanced players, but a hand on the thigh could result in cranial damage. Maybe wait until you've won the hand, you'll have a better chance at the bar later on. :)

No Comments During a Hand - It's not appropriate to make comments about possible hands being played regardless of whether you're in the hand. This can give unfair advice to less seasoned players. This is especially true when talking about your hand or the cards you just threw.

Intentionally Avoiding Blinds - Games like Hold 'Em and Omaha, where blinds are required, it is not appropriate to leave the table intentionally whenever it is your turn to pay your blind. Some players use this tactic to avoid an unfavorable betting position.

Don't be a Jerk - No one wants to play with jerks. All the above can be summed up into this statement. Sure, often the stakes are pretty high and the temptation to do something uncouth to better your position becomes large, but a win with class is actually a victory.

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