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Online Poker Compared To Casino/Poker

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Experience shows that, in many ways, Internet poker is a purer form of the game. The decisions you make tend to be more positional than in the brick-and-mortar world. Where you sit in relation to betting around the table and the number of chips you have relative to the other players (especially in tournament play) hold bigger roles.

In the online world, you see bigger betting (pushing all-in in no-limit games, for example), largely because you come across more novice players and the stakes can be lower (so players don’t have as much to lose).

Internet Poker vs Casino Poker (Real Life)

Playing in a casino and playing online / internet poker has a number of little differences that you should adjust to. It's a fact that people tend to act differently on the internet than they do in real life in areas outside of poker, so it makes sense that people act differently in internet poker vs real life poker also. Here are some internet poker strategies and observations that I think applies to most online sites.

Players will call you more in Internet poker

Calling down in poker There's some psychology and usability aspects in this statement. On the usability level, it's much easier for a player to click on a 'Call' button as opposed to reaching into their stack, counting up their chips and putting them on the table. Psychologically, most people also feel emboldened while online, because they aren't under the scrutiny of others like in a casino or real life. Whereas someone hitting a runner-runner in a casino will often be glared at or had a something said to them, this 'embarassment' factor doesn't quite apply on the internet. Sure, people will mouth off online, but a poker confrontation in the casino vs the internet is more psychologically significant.

How to defend against constant callers?

Simply put - you can't. You're just going to be drawn on more than normal and get rivered by many more callers. Your variance or "swings" will thus be greater in internet poker as opposed to casino poker (especially in low-limit internet poker). There is no good defense against this except to realize that you are still playing correct poker as long as you are punishing others for their draw. However, it's usually much more prudent to check-call the river when you have many callers on the river with you, because the chances are raised that someone has a two-pair or better.

Ignore internet poker nicknames / aliases

Both good players and bad players will pick names like "ALL-RIVER" or "ALWAYSBLUFFIN" so you can't assume this person really is a river rat or a strong player trying to fool you. If you look at the rankings for any of the tournament ladders for any of the internet poker sites, you'll see that there are all sorts of strange and 'deceptive' names at the top. (Quick note that ladders aren't perfect measurements of skills however). Don't let people use this internet only strategy fool you. You'd probably be on your guard if some guy dressed in a bright pink tuxedo sat in a casino game, so treat this the same way.

Learn to spot tells by observing betting / calling / checking speed

Some people think you shouldn't pay attention to how long it takes someone to perform an action, because they might be on a modem, not paying attention or other stuff. While that might be true in some cases, it's my opinion that for most players, this is a major tell and should be incorporated into your online strategy. Sophisticated players or higher limit players probably won't give off too many of these (unless it's a ploy to throw you off), but most low limit players inadvertantly will.

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