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Online Poker Calling The All In Bet

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Steps to take for when to call the online Poker All-In Bet:

Most players today have their first experience with a no-limit Hold ‘Em tournament online for a low buy-in entry fee. The aggressive online style immediately becomes the norm for these players. If you’ve played in tournaments in the brick-and-mortar world, however, the far-more aggressive online style may catch you off guard. During the first few orbits of the dealer marker, when the blinds are still low, you need to brace yourself for a few all-in plays post-flop.

If you’re up against a player you have no previous experience with, and you face an all-in (as a raise or as a bet in front of you), you have a couple of choices. If you’re up against a player you know you can beat from your observations of his play to this point, your best move may be fold and wait for more advantageous circumstances.

If, however, you’re feeling continually pushed around by the same player; you have strong reason to believe he is bluffing; or you just want to take a step up to a world with larger swings (where you can quickly double your stack or lose it all), here are some possible ways to react:

Call the all-in bet if you have:

-Any trips or two pair

-Top pair with the highest possible kicker (only)

-Queen high or better flush draw, along with any pair

-Top pair and an open-ended straight draw

-The best flush draw, but only if you face more than one caller on the hand (you need good odds on your money)

-The best straight draw, but only if you face more than one caller and a flush draw isn’t on the board

Fold all other hands. You can hold your ground by using this strategy in low buy-in tournaments, but you should be prepared to occasionally call an opponent’s set of trips. Your best strategy is to stay patient and play a solid game. Don’t get caught in the action or take another player’s looseness personally!

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