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The flagship brand for the world's largest publicly traded online betting, gambling and gaming company, Sportingbet PLC. is the place to find all your wagering needs. From Football to NASCAR and Parlays to “If Bets”, has you covered...

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Get your winnings fast with unlimited free payouts. Sportsbook & Casino is the destination for 24-7 safe and easy betting. Recognized worldwide as an industry leader, Bodog has been featured on CNN, ESPN, USA Today, ESPN, USA Today, the New York Times and Cigar Aficionado...

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Online Poker Room Reviews's competitive advantage is simple. They combine superb customer service with state-of-the-art wagering facilities, which provides customers with a fast, secure, no-hassle sports betting system, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year! Staffed by highly experienced wagering clerks, and customer service staff.

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Sportsbook Review & Casino Review

Online Poker Room Reviews offers everything a gaming enthusiast could want. From NFL to Nascar, Cash Back Programs to Parlays, Props to Fast Payouts. They even have their own instant Casino with games you won’t find anywhere else online. Areputation for integrity, and 24/7 customer service, you know you are betting with the best.

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How We Pick The Sportsbooks

The first thing you need to know about is that we don't accept advertising or promote just anyone. (For Example - We'll never have anything to do with these websites) - Online Casino & Sportsbook Scam List

We have maintained a respected voice on the Internet since 1998. The respect of the online gambling & casino betting community is difficult to earn... and very easy to lose. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, and we refuse to risk it by aligning ourselves with companies whose credentials or reputation are anything but the highest. We haven't reviewed the best online poker rooms and sportsbooks for nothing now have we??

To protect ourselves and our patrons we have developed extremly high standards for our top online casino rooms and advertising sportsbooks. All of our potential sponsors are interviewed, and scrutinized to determine that they meet the quality and industry set standards that are consistent with our company. While we do not consider ourselves "watchdogs" of the industry — we still feel like we can keep a pretty big EYE on the sportsbook competition out there. It must be said though that we are not a regulatory body and cannot guarantee the performance of any sportsbook, nor can we watch the casino betting that takes place 24 hours a day — we do however pay close attention to events taking place within the sportbook industry.

We monitor posting forums, do our best to investigate rumours, and take our users' concerns seriously. We advise you to write us with questions and emails and keep us up to date on your favorite poker rooms and casino's with correspondance to our review staff.

Lastly, and most importantly, we build and maintain close contacts with each advertiser so that potential problems can be addressed or avoided altogether. If we don't feel confident recommending a given sportsbook to our users, we stop displaying their ads immediately and remove them from our Top Sportsbook List.

All this being said, the final choice of a sportsbook is up to you. All of the sportbooks on our list are efficient and reliable — bottom line, they pay and pay promptly — but each has its own unique casino betting and wagering opportunities, transaction methods, and betting limits, and your own preferences will determine which you feel most comfortable with.

Each of our top sportsbooks have over 15 Las Vegas casino games which are designed to give you the ultimate gambling experience! Online Casino - #1 Rated By Our Sportsbook Review


NOTE: Wager on football sportsbook review have gone to great lengths to insure that the casino games and sportsbooks that host them are safe, legal, legitimate, and very very FUN. Prior to being listed as the #1 Sports book - Casino - and online poker rooms on our site, rated higher than any other online sportsbook and casino. We have seen them grow since 1998 folks. They are not in the business of ripping people off. If they were they'd be on our scam casino and sportsbook list.


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