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Randy Holland our buddy from stops by to give us his weekly Texas Hold'em Tips.

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Randy Says: "I play at Paradise because of the security and integrity of the site and I love the array of options when choosing which game to play."

Accomplishments: Back to back titles at the L.A. Poker Classic in 2002 and 2003 in Limit Hold'em. Two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets/championships; 2001 World Poker Open Stud Hi-Lo Champion; 2000 WSOP Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Champion; 1996 WSOP Razz Champion

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Randy Holland

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Hold'em Tips For Texas Hold'em

Hold'em Tips

1. Chose Games in Which you Have a Large Edge Over your Opponents: You may make more money playing higher with a smaller edge over your opponents. But, if you chose that formula you should make sure you have the bankroll and emotional stability to accommodate the higher downswings you will actualize. Keep in mind that the best game is not always the one with the largest pots. Rather it is the game where you have the largest edge over your opponents. Finding the best game for your ability and bankroll on a day to day basis is the most important poker decision you will make.

2. Compute the Price on All your Plays: This is an important concept in all plays and also will help you develop feel. When analyzing a play, count the bets AND the expectation you will gain/lose form them. Think in terms of expectation NOT money wagered. When considering a call from a hand you think likely to be second best determine the IMPLIED price you are receiving from the pot. This includes the chance your hand will win, the propensity (include texture of opponents) of winning extra money over what is already in the pot, the true price of the call including the possibility it will get raised behind you. When determining if you should call without the best hand take into consideration the chance that the hand you are drawing to will not be good. Even if there is a small chance that your hand will not be good, you must increase your odds required to make the call considerably.

3. Adjust your Play Based on the Money in the Pot: The larger the pot is the more you should play your hand in a manner that protects your hand. This includes taking more risk in an effort to protect your hand. Winning a big pot without competition is not a bad thing unless your hand almost cannot be drawn out on. The smaller the pot is the more correct it is to make trap plays that gain you extra bets. That is because the bets have more value than the size of the pot that is current. This concept is huge in no-limit and pot-limit games.

4. Take your Position into Consideration: Always take your position into consideration when determining a play. This includes the position to the bettor and the texture of the players to act behind you. Having an accurate feel of this will add great value to your poker game. Great levels of information can be accumulated when your opponents act before you do!

5. Bet Draws if you Might not get Called: You should almost always bet a draw if you think there is a chance you could win the pot with a bet. When you bet a draw you give yourself another way to win the pot if everyone folds, currently or subsequently. Also, you might win a bigger pot if you make your hand. It also has deceptive value and makes you a much harder read.

6. Don't Slowplay if your Hand is Vulnerable: If your hand is in danger to free or cheap cards do not slowplay your hand. You want to charge them to draw and not give a player that would fold a free shot to beat you. This concept correlates to point 3, you don't want to lose money already in the pot. The bigger the pot the stronger this concept!

7. Adjust your Play Based on the Texture of your Opponents: If you are playing aggressive players, induce bluffs out of them. It will gain you bets and take away some of their aggression. The looser the game is the less aggressive you should play your medium wired pairs. When playing loose AND passive players you can play more hands. You will get a lot of volume and opportunities to make hands cheaply that will get large payoffs. When playing loose AND aggressive players play very solid cards. You will make the best hand more often and the action will always be available.

8. Assign Capabilities to Players when Reading Hands: When determining a read on a players hand, ask yourself what the propensity and/or capability your opponent(s) has of making the play you are giving him credit for. Base your plays on HIS capabilities, how HE thinks, how HE is emotionally and how HE reacts.

9. Make Deception Plays: If you always play the same way, observant opponents will be able to read you and your game will lose a great deal of value. Play unusual hands in strange positions to create indecision in your opponents minds. Do not make deception plays against players who do not take notice or do not understand.

10. Watch your kicker: Huge money is lost in hold'em when one player has another "outkicked". Pay attention and be wary of your "kicker" in all situations. When you are "outkicked", often you will only have three cards in which you can win with. If your opponent flopped two pair with a better kicker, you are drawing almost dead. Try not to play hands where the propensity to be "outkicked" is high.

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