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Lately many players, including us, have had difficulties making credit card deposits at online casinos. This is due to many credit card companies deciding that it is THEIR decision how you want to spend YOUR money. Credit card purchases that are labeled as gambling related are no longer allowed to go through.

The casinos have recognized this fact and are offering many ways for you to avoid these problems, most of which even offer you increased security and faster payouts of winnings. recommends you open an account with one of the FREE alternative casino deposit options listed below.

Sites are d NOT in the order of who is best.

Online Sportsbook/Casino Deposit Options
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MySportsbook (No Canadians)
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard (No Canadians)
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, NETeller InstaCash (Non-US Customers Only), FirePay (Non-US Customers Only), myCitadel (Non-US Customers Only), SurePay, Click2Pay, Moneybookers (Non-US Customers Only)
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, NETeller InstaCash (Non-US Customers Only), FirePay (Non-US Customers Only), myCitadel (Non-US Customers Only), SurePay, Click2Pay, Moneybookers (Non-US Customers Only) (No Canadians)
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, NETeller (Non USA), Direct bank wire, Electronic money transfer
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, Click2pay, Ewalletexpress, Visa, Mastercard, Money Transfer, UKCash, Poker Room Transfer, PrePaid Card

Pinnacle Sports

Not Accepting US Players

Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, NETeller:(non usa), INSTADEBIT(Non USA and CAD Accounts Only, Western Union, SwiftPay, Bankwire funds, Cashiers Check sent by Federal Express for CDN Only, Instand E-Checks (Canada Only), Moneybookers, WebMoney, Credit Card Purchase via Pinnacle, Maestro or Delta Debit Card via Pinnacle (GBP Accounts Only), Visa Electron Card, Chinese Debit Cards
Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, Instant Bank Transfer, Instant eCheck, Bank Wire, Neteller (Non USA), Firepay (Non USA, Non Canada, Money Order Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, Ewalletexpress, Money Transfer, Bank Draft, Bank Wire
Diamond Sportsbook Deposit Options - Visa, Mastercard, Ewalletexpress, Money Transfer, Bank Draft, Bank Wire

Deposit Options Explained...

Wire Transfer Bank Wire Transfer
Wire Transfers are sent from your bank to the casino or sportsbook, and is another way to get around the fact that many people get their credit card deposits denied when trying to purchase online casino chips. It's a great way for high rollers to get a large deposit safely to the casino or sportsbook, and many casinos also give out generous bonus' for bank wire transfer deposits since they incur small risks for the casino and sportsbooks.

900 Pay 900 Pay
900pay is a secure, hassle-free method of purchasing online casino chips that features a simple "click and deposit" payment system that charges the deposit to your phone bill - no credit card or bank account is required. There are no hidden fees or long-distance charges when using 900 pay to fund your online casino account.

ACH ACH Bank Transfer
ACH is direct fund transfer authorization from the bank account holder's account to a nominated beneficiary account. To make an ACH purchase, or to find out how it works, check out your online casino's banking or purchasing pages. ACH is only available for US citizens.

Central Coin Central Coin
Central Coin is a relative newcomer in the gambling scene. If you want to use them, just go to the Central Coin website, create an account, and deposit funds using your credit card or an e-check. All of your personal information is kept confidential, and none of this information gets passed on to the casinos. To purchase credits at the casino, you just have to type in your Central Coins account number and PIN number.

Certified Check Cerfified Check (Cheque)
If you are unable to use your credit card to purchase casino chips you may consider depositing using a certified check , also referred to as a bank draft .

Citadel Citadel
Securely send an electronic check to be deposited into your casino account! Important: In order to use Citadel as a purchase option, you must have a checking account with a financial institution in the United States, and the check must be payable in US dollars. They are a total electronic payment solution provider offering a secure online environment for merchants and customers to perform and process high-volume payment transactions.

DuoCash DuoCash
DuoCash is the world's first payments processing and clearing network to enable Internet purchases through the use of prepaid phone cards. Through its partnerships with leading telecommunications companies, prepaid phone card manufacturers, and premium Internet companies, the company extends the previously inaccessible $5.2 billion stored on prepaid phone cards to the electronic payments marketplace.

Duocash enabled cards can be used immediately upon purchase to make phone calls or Internet purchases at select sites. There is no need to fill out a credit card or debit card applications.

EcoCard Ecocard
If you don't qualify for a credit card, EcoCard is the perfect alternative to purchase casino credits over the Internet. You won't pay a registration fee, payment fees or any annual fees at EcoCard. EcoCard is part of a cutting-edge funding system that gives European players the opportunity to transact in their own country, using local currency, through a chain of EcoCard affiliated banks. An EcoCard account guarantees you anonymity which ensures that you can purchase casino credits in a convenient and secure manner.

ECP, or Electronic Check Processing, is a way for users with U.S. checking accounts to pay for casino chips.

EZPay EZ Pay
EZPay utilizes an electronic wallet that you fill with Ecash, which stands for "electronic cash". Ecash is a legal form of computer-generated currency which can be used online to purchase credits with casinos. Not many casinos use this system yet.

Gaming Card
The Gaming Card is an exclusive Internet payment account designed to ensure hassle-free online payments for a select group of VIP gaming customers. The casinos that offer the Gamingcard all use Microgaming software. This purchase method is by invitation from one of the participating casinos only.

Money Order
If you are unable to use your credit card to purchase casino chips you may consider depositing using a money order instead. Granted it's slower and doesn't jive with the speed of the internet, but if you can't use a credit card you may want to try this deposit method.

Moneybookers is a tool that allows you to safely send and receive money via email - instantly. You can send money from your credit card, transfer money to and from your bank account. Use Moneybookers whenever you need to send money to someone (settle a debt with a friend, pay for online purchase/auctions...) or when someone needs to send money to you.

PaySpark Payspark
PaySpark is an Internet payment account, designed to make online purchasing quick and easy. Accounts are offered by invitation only.

Your PaySpark account has 2 parts: your 'ATM account' allows for easy withdrawals at ATMs worldwide with your Infinia ATM card. Your 'Internet account' works like a virtual MasterCard for easy online purchases. Transferring funds between these accounts is easy, fast and free - so you get the best of both worlds! Accounts not used for 90 days attract a US$10 per month admin fee. If an account is dormant for 90 days and has a zero balance, it will be closed.

PrePaid ATM
PrePaidATM is the only ATM Card that is not tied to a bank account. You can use your card wherever debit cards are accepted and you can also receive funds at thousands of ATM machines worldwide.

TeleBuy is a secure, hassle-free method of deposit offering a simple e-check payment system that only requires your bank account information and a telephone. There are no hidden fees or long-distance charges when using TeleBuy. The telephone is simply used to confirm your transaction. You must clear your funds with TeleBuy before they can be deposited to your ECash Direct account. TeleBuy takes 2-4 business days to clear funds.

Neteller Sportsbook (No Longer in USA)
NETeller is a free online money transfer service that acts like an online wallet. Users open a NETeller account and are then able to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to the many merchants that support NETeller. Choosing NETeller to buy your chips at the casinos or deposit into your online sportsbook account will enable you to keep all of your online casino and sportsbook transactions in one place. In addition, NETeller specializes in casino and sportsbook transactions, so you can be sure that your purchase will be safely and efficiently processed!

FirePay FirePay Sportsbook (No Longer in USA)
A FirePay Personal Account is a free Web-based bank account that works like a debit card - you deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account, and then use your account to purchase goods and services online from your preferred online sportsbook of choice. This cuts down on the time it takes to send and receive money to casinos, and allows you to keep track of your gambling money easily.

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