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NFL Betting

2006 NFL Draft - NFL Sportsbooks Online - Internet NFL Football Odds

Line of Scrimmage: Grading the NFL Draft - Part II: The AFC

Draft Review - AFC Conference
Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 - Page updated at 2:00pm
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2006 NFL FOOTBALL DRAFT - AFC Conference Draft Review

Line of Scrimmage: Grading the NFL Draft - Part II: The AFC Teams

By Tony Moss, NFL Editor

Philadelphia, PA (My Sportsbook) - The armchair general managers are now on the clock.

With the 255 selections of the 2006 NFL draft in the books, it is currently time for observers from around the league to judge just how much the weekend's festivities changed the balance of power among the 32 franchises. Did you think we'd let our opportunity to weigh in remain elusive? Below we take a look at the 2006 draft output of the 16 teams of the AFC, highlighting the ramifications of their two-day haul and assigning grades for their efforts. The My Sportsbook's evaluations for the 16 teams of the NFC can be found at: /nfl/news/ABN4018233.htm



1 - Donte Whitner, S, Ohio State (5-10, 204); 1 - John McCargo, DT, North Carolina State (6-1, 302) - 3 - Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State (6-0, 189); 4 - Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina (6-1, 209); 5 - Kyle Williams, DT, LSU (6-1, 299); 5 - Brad Butler, T, Virginia (6-7, 310); 6 - Keith Ellison, LB, Oregon State (6-1, 235); 7 - Terrance Pennington, T, New Mexico (6-7, 325); 7 - Aaron Merz, G, California (6-3, 346)

Analysis: The selection of Whitner at No. 8 was a major head-scratcher, since the secondary was not seen as a major need area for the Bills and Whitner was not rated above No. 20 by any major rating service. The selection of McCargo fills a definite need for a team that struggled mightily to stop the run in 2005, but some Bills fans would have preferred to see the team take a higher- profile d-line talent like Haloti Ngata or Brodrick Bunkley with the eighth pick, rather than selecting Whitner. Youboty was probably a steal in the third round, but again, Buffalo had more significant needs on the offensive line and at linebacker that went ignored until the second day. All three of the o- linemen that the team took on the second day are projects, and Ellison has no realistic shot of unseating London Fletcher or Jeff Posey at linebacker.

Bottom Line: It is very difficult to make sense of the first draft of the Marv Levy GM era in Buffalo.

Grade: D


1 - Jason Allen, DB, Tennessee (6-1, 209); 3 - Derek Hagan, WR, Arizona State (6-2, 208); 4 - Joe Toledo, T, Washington (6-5, 337); 7 - Fred Evans, DT, Texas State (6-3, 289); 7 - Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas (6-5, 300); 7 - Devin Aromashadu, WR, Auburn (6-2, 201)

Analysis: Nick Saban was unhappy with the play of the secondary in 2005, so the selection of the versatile Allen was hardly a surprise. The Dolphins might have been better-served by taking an offensive lineman with their second and final first-day pick, but Hagan will have a chance to contribute right away. Toledo was a decent pickup for the offensive line unit on the second day, but the team really scored points in the seventh round, as Wright was pegged as a first-day guy by many and Aromashadu was considered to be among the top 15 receiving talents in the draft.

Bottom Line: Couldn't add all of the necessary depth with just six picks, but managed to get better regardless.

Grade: B

New England

1 - Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota (6-0, 217); 2 - Chad Jackson, WR, Florida (6-1, 213); 3 - David Thomas, TE, Texas (6-3, 252); 4 - Garrett Mills, FB, Tulsa (6-1, 241); 4 - Stephen Gostkowski, K, Memphis (6-1, 214); 5 - Ryan O'Callaghan, OL, California (6-7, 334); 6 - Jeremy Mincey, DE/OLB, Florida (6-3, 259); 6 - Dan Stevenson, G, Notre Dame (6-5, 300); 6 - Le Kevin Smith, NT, Nebraska (6-3, 316); 7 - Willie Andrews, DB, Baylor (5-9, 193)

Analysis: The selection of Maroney in the first round is probably an indictment of the injury problems of Kevin Faulk more than the age of Corey Dillon, and Maroney figures to (at least at first) serve in the type of situational role previously filled by Faulk. Jackson was believed by most to have first-round talent and was a second-round steal for the Pats, but Thomas was a bizarre choice for a team that already has Ben Watson and Daniel Graham on the roster. Mills gives New England the pure fullback it has lacked, and Gostkowski should be able to win the kicking job from the recently-signed Martin Gramatica. Where the Patriots failed to improve themselves was at linebacker, as the only player they took at that position, Mincey, was a late- round pick and is a "'tweener" that will take some time to develop. New England also struck out in finding meaningful secondary depth.

Bottom Line: Helped themselves at the skill positions, but are still going to struggle to put pressure on the quarterback.

Grade: B-

N.Y. Jets

1 - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, T, Virginia (6-6, 305); 1 - Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State (6-4, 300); 2 - Kellen Clemens, QB, Oregon (6-2, 219); 3 - Anthony Schlegel, ILB, Ohio State (6-0, 250); 3 - Eric Smith, SS, Michigan State (6-1, 209); 4 - Brad Smith, WR, Missouri (6-2, 213); 4 - Leon Washington, RB, Florida State (5-8, 201); 5 - Jason Pociask, TE, Wisconsin (6-3, 266); 6 - Drew Coleman, CB, Texas Christian (5-9, 173); 7 - Titus Adams, DT, Nebraska (6-3, 306)

Analysis: The Jets made two great picks in the first round, adding two immediate starters in Ferguson and Mangold. Whether one should consider Clemens a reach or a steal is a matter of perspective, since the QB was injured for much of 2005 but probably has a better upside than other first-day QBs like Charlie Whitehurst or Brodie Croyle. The two third-round picks, Schlegel and Eric Smith, were reaches and will have to develop. Brad Smith is an intriguing talent but the converted quarterback will be something of a project. Washington could help as a return specialist, and Pociask should have an opportunity to see the field early for a team that lacks a great tight end. The most significant need that went unfilled for the Jets was at defensive end or outside linebacker, where the team figures to have major trouble putting pressure on the QB following the departure of John Abraham.

Bottom Line: Didn't fill all of their needs by a long shot, but the two first- round o-linemen should at least ensure that the offense runs at a higher level.

Grade: B



1 - Mario Williams, DE, N.C. State (6-7, 295); 2 - DeMeco Ryans, OLB, Alabama (6-1, 236); 3 - Charles Spencer, OL, Pittsburgh (6-5, 352); 3 - Eric Winston, T, Miami (FL) (6-7, 310); 4 - Owen Daniels, TE, Wisconsin (6-3, 253); 6 - Wali Lundy, RB, Virginia (5-11, 213); 7 - David Anderson, WR, Colorado State (5-10, 192)

Analysis: Mouths are still agape over the Texans' decision to draft Williams instead of Reggie Bush, and it will probably be at least three years until a fully-formed assessment of the choice can be offered. It is indisputable that the selection of Williams and Ryans upgrades a pass rush that has been one of the league's worst in recent years. New Houston head coach Gary Kubiak will need Spencer and Winston to compete for starting jobs right away, in order to help keep David Carr upright. Daniels will get a shot at tight end for a team that has never been able to find a playmaker at that position. Lundy might go down in history as the running back Houston selected instead of Reggie Bush, though his ability to even make the team is a major question mark.

Bottom Line: The decision to draft Williams instead of Bush will probably go down as a blunder, but overall, the Texans did improve themselves significantly over the weekend.

Grade: C+


1 - Joseph Addai, RB, LSU (5-11, 214); 2 - Tim Jennings, CB, Georgia (5-8, 185); 3 - Freddie Keiaho, ILB, San Diego State (5-11, 230); 5 - Michael Toudouze, T, Texas Christian (6-6, 305); 6 - Charlie Johnson, T, Oklahoma State (6-4, 304); 6 - Antoine Bethea, FS, Howard (5-11, 203); 7 - T.J. Rushing, CB, Stanford (5-10, 175)

Analysis: Addai was not viewed as a first-round talent by many NFL scouts, and does not figure to be an every-down rusher at the next level. The Colts will be extremely lucky if Jennings works out as well as another undersized second- round secondary pick, Bob Sanders, has. Keiaho isn't a big-name player but could be in the running to replace David Thornton at one of the linebacker slots. On the second day, Indy went with a couple of undersized linemen that would seem to fit their system, and a couple of late-round d-backs that both project as backups at best.

Bottom Line: Some intriguing selections, but is there a bona fide impact player here?

Grade: C-


1 - Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA (6-6, 261); 2 - Maurice Drew, RB, UCLA (5-7, 207); 3 - Clint Ingram, LB, Oklahoma (6-2, 244); 5 - Brent Hawkins, DE/OLB, Illinois State (6-2, 241); 7 - James Wyche, DE, Syracuse (6-5, 262); 7 - Dee Webb, CB, Florida (5-11, 183)

Analysis: One year after taking Matt Jones to be a big target over the middle of the field, the Jaguars selected a similar talent in Lewis, in turn foregoing the running back and linebacker help they needed. Jacksonville filled those needs to some extent with its final two picks of the first day, though Drew lacks every-down potential because of his size and Ingram may have been a slight reach. On the second day, Webb might be a seventh-round steal, but Hawkins is a player the Jaguars could have had with one of their seventh- round selections.

Bottom Line: Are they better than they were on Saturday morning? Perhaps only slightly.

Grade: B-


1 - Vince Young, QB, Texas (6-5, 229); 2 - LenDale White, RB, USC (6-0, 238); 4 - Calvin Lowry, S, Penn State (5-11, 200); 4 - Stephen Tulloch, ILB, North Carolina State (5-11, 241); 5 - Terna Nande, OLB, Miami (OH) (6-0, 232); 5 - Jesse Mahelona, DT, Tennessee (6-0, 311); 6 - Jonathan Orr, WR, Wisconsin (6-2, 198); 7 - Cortland Finnegan, S, Samford (5-9, 177); 7 - Spencer Toone, LB, Utah (6-1, 238); 7 - Quinton Ganther, RB, Utah (5-9, 218)

Analysis: See ya, Jeff Fisher. It is extremely unlikely that Young will develop quickly enough for the Titans to be in playoff contention in 2006, and a third straight dismal season for the franchise might mean the end of the line for Fisher in Tennessee. It is believed that the head coach and offensive coordinator Norm Chow favored USC quarterback Matt Leinart with the third pick, signaling that the Titans' front office and ownership are not quite on the same page as the coaching staff. The White pick was another gamble, though the intriguing talent will have an opportunity to see a wealth of carries early in his career. The team's eight second-day picks were a bit of a mixed bag, which is usually the case with second-day picks. Of those selections, Lowry and all three linebackers have the best chance to stick. That the Titans failed to select an offensive lineman was something of an upset.

Bottom Line: The grade for this draft should really be marked "incomplete," since its evaluation hinges greatly on the ability of Young and White to develop as good pros.

Grade: B


Baltimore 1 - Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon (6-4, 338); 2 - Chris Chester, C, Oklahoma (6-3, 303); 3 - David Pittman, CB, Northwestern State (5-11, 182); 4 - Demetrius Williams, WR, Oregon (6-2, 197); 4 - P.J. Daniels, RB, Georgia Tech (5-10, 214); 5 - Dawan Landry, FS, Georgia Tech (6-1, 220); 5 - Quinn Sypniewski, TE, Colorado (6-6, 268); 6 - Sam Koch, P, Nebraska (5-11, 225); 6 - Derrick Martin, CB, Wyoming (5-10, 198); 7 - Ryan LaCasse, DE/OLB, Syracuse (6-2, 257)

Analysis: Ray Lewis got his wish with the selection of Ngata, as the middle linebacker will once again have a huge defensive tackle to make plays behind. The selection of Chester seems to be less of a natural fit, since the most glaring need along the offensive line was not an interior lineman but a tackle to help protect the quarterback. Pittman is an intriguing talent who could make a lot of plays as a nickel corner playing in a secondary with Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, and Samari Rolle. Some considered Williams to be the fourth- best receiver in the draft behind Santonio Holmes, Sinorice Moss, and Chad Jackson, and thus must be considered a steal in the fourth round. Of the other second-day picks, the most interesting one is Koch, who carried a high punting average as a senior but was not widely considered to be one of the best players available at that position.

Bottom Line: Still no right tackle candidates to improve the offense, but Ngata gives the defense a chance to be dominant again.

Grade: B+


1 - Johnathan Joseph, CB, South Carolina (5-11, 193); 2 - Andrew Whitworth, T, LSU (6-7, 334); 3 - Frostee Rucker, DE, USC (6-3, 237); 4 - Domata Peko, DT, Michigan State (6-3, 307); 5 - A.J. Nicholson, OLB, Florida State (6-1, 252); 6 - Reggie McNeal, QB/WR, Texas A&M (6-2, 198); 7 - Ethan Kilmer, DB, Penn State (6-0, 205); 7 - Benny Brazell, WR, LSU (6-1, 173)

Analysis: Joseph isn't Deltha O'Neal or Tory James at this stage, but once he develops, has a good chance to be one of the top cornerbacks in the league. Whitworth won't unseat Willie Anderson or Levi Jones at the tackle position, but is good insurance for both and could be the heir apparent for the 31-year- old Anderson on the left side. Rucker was a major reach in the third round, as he's too small to be an every-down pass rusher and lacks the coverage skills to be an every-down linebacker. Nicholson, on the other hand, could be a steal. McNeal wants to play quarterback and walked into a good situation in that regard, but if he doesn't pan out at that position, it's not likely he'll be able to crack the Cincinnati depth chart at receiver.

Bottom Line: Didn't aide the pass rush or the deficient safety position to any great degree, but Joseph and Whitworth could be lineup fixtures for years to come.

Grade: B


1 - Kamerion Wimbley, OLB, Florida State (6-4, 248); 2 - D'Qwell Jackson, LB, Maryland (6-0, 230); 3 - Travis Wilson, WR, Oklahoma (6-2, 214); 4 - Leon Williams, LB, Miami (FL) (6-3, 245); 4 - Isaac Sowells, G, Indiana (6-3, 324); 5 - Jerome Harrison, RB, Washington State (5-9, 201); 5 - DeMario Minter, CB, Georgia (5-11, 190); 6 - Lawrence Vickers, FB, Colorado (6-0, 245); 6 - Babitunde Oshinowo, DT, Stanford (6-2, 304); 7 - Justin Hamilton, SS, Virginia Tech (6-3, 230)

Analysis: That the Browns would take Wimbley to aide a struggling pass rush was about the worst-kept secret in the draft, and fills Cleveland's most pressing need. Jackson has a chance to play a lot as well, but will need to show more playmaking ability in the 3-4 than Andra Davis. Wilson is a good talent who gives the team some pass-catching insurance in light of the injury situations of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow. Harrison was a productive college player who could push Reuben Droughns for some carries, and Vickers was the top-rated fullback on many draft boards.

Bottom Line: An extremely productive offseason continues, signaling that the Browns are about to take a step up the AFC North ladder.

Grade: A-


1 - Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio State (5-11, 179); 3 - Anthony Smith, FS, Syracuse (6-0, 194); 3 - Willie Reid, WR, Florida State (5-10, 188); 4 - Willie Colon, OL, Hofstra (6-3, 320); 4 - Orien Harris, DT, Miami (FL) (6-3, 298); 5 - Omar Jacobs, QB, Bowling Green (6-4, 232); 5 - Charles Davis, TE, Purdue (6-5, 263); 6 - Marvin Philip, C, California (6-1, 307); 7 - Cedric Humes, RB, Virginia Tech (6-1, 227)

Analysis: Many felt that the Steelers would end up with a receiver, but few expected the team to trade up to take Holmes, one of the top two wideouts on the board. The Ohio State product will be penciled into the role formerly held down by Antwaan Randle El. Elsewhere on the first day, Smith will have an opportunity to compete for a starting job at a position that has been a bit troubling for the team, and Reid could catch on as a fourth receiver. The second-day choices are mostly projects, though Harris was believed by some to have second-round talent and could replace Kimo von Oelhoffen up front. Jacobs, another big quarterback out of the MAC, lacks polish and has "NFL Europe" written all over him. There weren't a wealth of Jerome Bettis-sized running back talents in the draft, so it's not a surprise that the defending champs waited until the seventh round to address that position.

Bottom Line: Filled some important holes, but the expectations heaped upon Holmes could be unrealistic.

Grade: B+



1 - Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt (6-3, 226); 2 - Tony Scheffler, TE, Western Michigan (6-5, 254); 4 - Brandon Marshall, WR, Central Florida (6-4, 229); 4 - Elvis Dumervil, DE/OLB, Louisville (5-11, 257); 4 - Domenik Hixon, WR, Akron (6-2, 200); 5 - Chris Kuper, G, North Dakota (6-4, 301); 6 - Greg Eslinger, C, Minnesota (6-3, 292)

Analysis: The Broncos again went against convention, foregoing their needs at defensive end and trading up to take their quarterback of the future in Cutler. The first interception Jake Plummer throws in 2006 will have Denver fans calling for the rookie. Denver filled a major need by trading for Javon Walker, which overshadowed most of the rest of the day's draft news, but also added a solid tight end in Scheffler in the second round. On the second day, Dumervil is the name that jumps out, and his presence certainly can't hurt a team that was weak in its pass-rushing exploits last season. Marshall has a big body, and his development will be worth nothing. Kuper and Eslinger both fit the mould of Broncos' linemen, and will have a chance to make the team as backups.

Bottom Line: The news surrounding Cutler and Walker ensured draft-day headlines, but where is the first-rate pass rusher they so desperately needed?

Grade: B-

Kansas City

1 - Tamba Hali, DE, Penn State (6-3, 263); 2 - Bernard Pollard, S, Purdue (6-2, 224); 3 - Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama (6-2, 205); 5 - Marcus Maxey, CB, Miami (FL) (6-1, 198); 6 - Tre' Stallings, G, Mississippi State (6-3, 311); 6 - Jeff Webb, WR, San Diego State (6-2, 211); 7 - Jarrad Page, SS, UCLA (6-3, 239)

Analysis: The first draft of the Herman Edwards era in Kansas City brought mixed rewards. The club needed a pass rusher to complement Jared Allen, but Hali is the same type of undersized end as Allen is and it is uncertain that both can be on the field at the same time. Kansas City needed secondary help following the departure of Eric Warfield and Dexter McCleon, but Pollard is a safety when a cornerback would have fit in more seamlessly. Croyle will have the opportunity to be groomed by Trent Green, but is not physically ready to be an NFL quarterback and figures to struggle if Green endures any injury problems in 2006. Potential trouble spots at guard and wide receiver were not addressed until the second day, and the chances of Stallings and/or Webb making the team are about even-money at this stage.

Bottom Line: They drafted some talent, but did the Chiefs properly address their needs?

Grade: C+


1 - Michael Huff, S, Texas (6-0, 204); 2 - Thomas Howard, OLB, UTEP (6-3, 239); 3 - Paul McQuistan, OL, Weber State (6-6, 312); 4 - Darnell Bing, SS, USC (6-2, 227); 6 - Kevin Boothe, OL, Cornell (6-5, 316); 7 - Chris Morris, C, Michigan State (6-3, 299); 7 - Kevin McMahan, WR, Maine (6-2, 196)

Analysis: Kudos to Al Davis for forgetting about making a big draft-day splash and drafting players that can actually improve his team. Huff fills the void left by Charles Woodson in the secondary, and is likely to be a better pro than Woodson. Howard is the pure outside linebacker that the Silver and Black have lacked, and Bing was a productive college player that was among the steals of the second day. McQuistan is something of an unknown, but Boothe was rated by some as possessing first-day talent. Some will question the Raiders' decision to pass up a quarterback in the draft, but with the experienced Aaron Brooks in the fold and the promising Andrew Walter still something of an unknown commodity, that was the prudent approach.

Bottom Line: Looks like the Raiders have re-committed themselves to defense, and their draft day strategy immediately makes them a team on the rise.

Grade: A

San Diego

1 - Antonio Cromartie, CB, Florida State (6-2, 208); 2 - Marcus McNeill, T, Auburn (6-8, 336); 3 - Charlie Whitehurst, QB, Clemson (6-5, 223); 5 - Tim Dobbins, LB, Iowa State (6-1, 246); 6 - Jeromey Clary, OL, Kansas State (6-6, 309); 6 - Kurt Smith, K, Virginia (6-0, 180); 7 - Chase Page, DT, North Carolina (6-4, 285); 7 - Jimmy Martin, T, Virginia Tech (6-5, 303)

Analysis: The Chargers have struck out on first-round corners before (see Quentin Jammer, Sammy Davis), but you can hardly fault them for drafting the big and gifted Cromartie. McNeill was another high-value choice, and should be in the mix to start right away. Whitehurst is a big quarterback with a strong arm and will push A.J. Feeley for the No. 2 job. On the second day, Smith was brought into push the inconsistent Nate Kaeding, but was not among the best- regarded kickers on most draft boards. The only major quarrel to be made with the Bolts' draft was that the team didn't add any running backs, receivers, or tight ends to help Philip Rivers.

Bottom Line: Cromartie joins Shawne Merriman as a potential linchpin of the San Diego defense for years to come, and McNeill and Whitehurst have a chance to be good pros as well.

Grade: B+

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Grading The NFC Draft

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