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Profiles For Online Poker Players:

The following are general characteristics of certain types of players you may use these descriptions to asses your competition and determine whether a game is profitable or not.

Loose - The typical loose player plays a lot of hands. They are usually inexperienced and do not understand the importance of selecting a starting hand. Loose players tend to buy into the old adage that “ any two cards can win”. They will often see the flop and many times call until the river and even showdown with poor hands. These types of players rely a lot on the luck of the draw, but be wary of loose players because when they're getting lucky they can put even the most seasoned pro on tilt.

A few keys to playing a loose player is to really hammer them when you think you've got the best hand. They will more then likely call to the river so don't attempt many bluffs but be extra aggressive when you're in front.

Tight - Tight players will play very few hands. They are usually waiting for a premium hand in good a position before calling or betting. A tight player must be respected, if you deem a player tight and they have just raised you then in most cases they will have the best hand.

The key to being successful in a tight game is to wisely use your bluffs and position raises. If you know a player is tight you can often bluff him off a hand or steal several blinds. Just be ready to duck if he fires back because chances are he's got a monster.

Loose passive - A loose passive player is someone who is really just along for the ride. They will often call with draw hands hoping to hit the card they need. While a loose passive player will call anything he is not likely to bet so if you have position on him you can often see free cards allowing you to strengthen your hand. On the same token be wary because they often do not raise a good hand either which may leave you betting into him with a losing hand.

To beat a loose-passive player you have to keep your eye open for draw boards such as two suited flops. If you suspect a loose-passive player is on a draw bet heavy and make him pay but back off if the board hits because you may end up playing right into his hand.

Loose aggressive - These players will often raise with inferior hands. They will bet for no reason and over use bluffs. One or two loose aggressive players can totally change the complexion of the game. Be ready for a shooting match when you sit down to play with more then one loose aggressive players.

Loose aggressive players can obviously be beat, keep in mind that when playing one you will need the best cards to win. Don't get caught up in trying to prove that they play bad hands by calling when you shouldn't. Be patient wait for your moment and you can lure loose aggressive player into a huge pot with poor cards.

Tight passive - Tight passive players are often called “rocks” they play very few hands and even when they do play they rarely bet or raise. They are content to sit back and wait for an absolute lock and take whatever the pot will give them. A tight passive player rarely tries to add money to a pot for that reason they are among the harder players to beat.

As with any tight player fear is the key. Be aggressive when you can and steal blinds because for the most part that's the only way you'll see any money out of a tight passive players stack. Keep in mind just because it's hard to beat them doesn't mean that it's a sure way to make money. Tight passive players rarely win do to having to pay blinds and winning so few pots, not to mention the pots they win are often small.

Tight aggressive - Tight aggressive player plays very few hands but also recognizes when he/she has the best hand and will make you pay. For this reason they are the hardest of any of these profiles to beat. They are rarely lured into hands they shouldn't be in and can often make the most of pots they win. It is in most cases best to give these players the benefit of the doubt and get out of the hand unless you have the “nuts”.

Beating a tight aggressive player is not easy. You must use a combination of stealing his blinds, bluffing him out of mediocre hands and out drawing him by getting lucky. To get the best of a tight aggressive player don't let him get the best of you.

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