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Welcome to the very best Poker Room Wager website on the Net. There are tons of other websites out there that like to stake their claim to being the best of the Poker Room Wager reviews out there, but we back it up with all the very best information you need to be a better ONLINE POKER ROOM player this year. Poker Room Wager Guide >>

This is your starting point to learning about the Tips, Tricks & best online poker room reviews on the World Wide Web. From promotions to strategy and poker room terminology this is your section to gather the information needed to start playing winning poker, at the poker website of your choice. So bookmark this page today and check back often. As we play more sites, we'll review more sites here for you. Poker Room Wager - Here >>

At our Online Poker Room Review guide you can find live Poker Room Wager for all of the participants in the World series of Poker. These Poker Room Wager lines and odds come from a major offshore sportsbook in the gambling industry. If you are interested in Poker Room Wager Online at our recommended best WSOP poker rooms using their odds you can find links to the best Poker Room Wager right here. All of our best Poker Room Wager poker rooms are top notch poker establishments that come highly recommended.

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Number 1 Poker <-Direct Link ---

Early on in 2004 Bodog began to research what exactly it would take to add poker to its product offering. It turns out the easiest and best way for Bodog to do this was to find the best people, the best technology, and bring them into the Bodog family. This “if you build it, they will come” mentality has served Bodog well over the years as Bodog takes pride in developing their systems in house to offer seamless play between the Bodog Sportsbook, Casino – and now the Bodog Poker Room. The best Poker Room Wager site on the web and by the way receives a very high recommendation from us is Bodog. Bodog is quickly becoming the best online poker room website offering Poker Room Wager out there. is turning into a marketing giant with their ads prominently displayed in Esquire magazine for starters. They are definatly here to stay. is always coming up with contest, promotions and awesome ideas for ways to improve their poker room and sportsbook for the player. They are a top Poker Room Wager sportsbook and have a %20 bonus with a 1 time roll over which you will not find anywhere else on the Net. They also offer 10% reloads and direct bank transfer a form of payment that makes transactions a cinch. Open an account today with Bodog. Poker Room Wager Review >>

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Number 2 Poker <- Direct Link -

With Paradise being one of the most established Poker rooms on the net, you would expect a high level of service and playability- and this poker room certainly doesn't disappoint. If you were to nit-pick, you could say that some of the graphics look a little dated and corny, but you'd be missing the point- minor aesthetic considerations aside, this is one of the most focused and polished poker rooms we've ever played at. The interface you are presented with is simple and concise, very simple to navigate. The tables themselves may look slightly unspectacular (some of the graphics are a little rough around the edges) but the playing aspect is by far the best feature here. The pace of play is set just right, and whether you're a newcomer or an hardened veteran, the controls are superb. We particularly liked the little 'bar menu'- where you can select drinks, snacks or even a fine cigar to sit on the table next to your seat. A fairly pointless feature we must admit, but little details like that really demonstrate how much attention these guys have put into their poker room. Banking and security, as you would expect from an established name, is faultless. All in all, we loved playing at Paradise Poker- and we're sure you will too!
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If you want to play poker online Party Poker hosts a variety of limit, no limit, and pot limit tournaments (real money and/or play for fun). Their biggest tournament is the annual Party Poker Million tournament, the finals of which are held on a cruise. They also hold regular (single-table and multi-table) Sit and Go Tournaments and HUGE multi-table tournaments.

  • Poker Games Offered
    Texas Hold'em (Pot limit, no limit and fixed limit) Omaha High, Omaha 8 or better, Seven Card Stud, Stud 8 or better
  • Texas Hold'Em Games: fixed limit tables ($0.50/1 to $30/60 blinds), pot limit ($0.25/0.50 to $2/4 blinds), no limit ($0.25/0.50 to $2/4 blinds).
  • Omaha & Hi-Lo Games: fixed limit tables ($0.50/1 to $20/40 blinds), pot limit ($0.25/0.50 to $1/2 blinds).
  • Seven Card Stud Games: fixed limit tables ($0.50/1 to $20/40 blinds).
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